Margaret is a tutor of the Bassoon as well as the Contra. She is also a mentor, giving helpful and constructive advice to those seeking a career in the Music profession.

She has taken part in organising the CBSO 'Bassoon Day' 

An enthusiast for music education, she has given presentations of the Bassoon and Contra to children of all ages. 

Margaret’s enthusiasm and encouragement were a constant motivation for me as a mature student.  The technical help Margaret gave me was outstanding - difficult phrases in pieces and sections of orchestral parts were unraveled and enlightened without ever losing sight of the character and meaning of the music.  And she transformed my tone and range of dynamics, equipping me for solo playing, chamber music and orchestral work.
I was so delighted to have Margaret as my tutor.  She was unfailingly welcoming, eager to help me progress and a consummate professional.
— Avril, Student